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Friday, March 13, 2009

First Years On-the-Go Self Inflating Baby Booster Seat

Selling Price: RM 85 (SOLD to Yvonne/ Klang)

The First Years On-the-Go Booster seat is a sturdy and portable travel seat for your child

The self inflating On-The-Go Booster Seat seems to appear and disappear like magic. Pull out the valve and it self-inflates into a sturdy and comfortable full-size booster seat. An adjustable safety belt with T-restraint helps hold your child securely.

When meal time is over just press out the air and fold down the back. With a self-carry handle, it's compact, lightweight and ready to go.


  • Convenient carry handle
  • Storage pocket and shoulder strap for extra convenience
  • Foam seat insert for extra support
  • Adjustable safety belt to keep child securely in the seat

Child Age/Weight: Suitable ages 1 year onwards and weights up to 19kg (40lb)

Product Size:

  • Inflated: 30cm long x 30cm wide x 23cm high
  • Deflated: 30cm long x 30cm wide x 8cm high

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