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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hippo Spider Battery Operated Car

Courier to Peninsula Malaysia: RM 50

Almost new motor driven car bought from the UK. This car was never used- a gift from my sister who was in UK, but apparently my son doesn't really fancy it.

Never taken outdoor too (you can check from the wheels), it has been always kept in the bedroom. Excellent condition. It was purchased for RM1000.

Car Dimension: 105cm (L), 65cm (W), 55cm (H)

# Age: 2-5
# Battery: 6volt
# Motor: 1x 6volt
# Running time: 1 hour approx
# Max Speed: 5 kmh
# Accelerator: Foot Switch
# Break: Electronic
# Gears: Forward and Reverse
# Battery and charger: Included

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